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At 12 years old, Aang is the series' reluctant hero, spending a century in suspended animation in an iceberg before joining new friends Katara and Sokka on a quest to master the elements and save their world from the imperialist Fire Nation.

Aang's character has appeared in other media, such as trading cards, Upon death, Avatar Roku was reincarnated and Aang was born, and later raised by Monk Gyatso, a senior monk at the Southern Air Temple and friend of the late Avatar Roku.

Roku (immediate predecessor)Kyoshi (preceding Roku)Kuruk (preceding Kyoshi as Avatar, and Korra as a Water-bender Avatar)Yangchen (preceding Kuruk as Avatar, and Aang as an Air Nomad Avatar)Wan (original Avatar)Korra (Aang's immediate reincarnation) ) is a fictional character and the protagonist of Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender (created by Michael Dante Di Martino and Bryan Konietzko), voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen.

Aang is the last surviving Airbender, a monk of the Air Nomads' Southern Air Temple.

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The series ends with Aang and his friends relaxing at Iroh's tea shop at Ba Sing Se, where Aang and Katara share a kiss.

Aang and his new friends visit the Southern Air Temple, where they meet a winged lemur whom Aang later names Momo.

It is there that Aang learns that the Fire Nation wiped out his people, including Gyatso.

The group reunites with Jet helping them find Appa at Dai Li headquarters.

They expose the Hundred Year War to the Earth King, who promises to help them invade the Fire Nation.

After beginning the Harmony Restoration Movement, an event that was meant to remove Fire Nation remnants from the Earth Kingdom, Aang agrees to end Zuko's life should he go down a path similar to his father, after the latter requests it, being stopped by Katara from entering the Avatar State as he began a later encounter with Zuko He later returns to the South Pole and reunites with Katara and Sokka during the festival of the rebuilt and newly expanded Southern Water Tribe, with assistance from dozens of waterbenders and healers from the Northern Water Tribe.

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Sokka's hips rose towards Katara's and a moan eked from her, he seemed cautious not to push too deep but didn't withhold entirely, going just as far as she would accept. Katara was a moaner, Suki noted duly. Sokka moved with only a little speed but the noises the waterbender made were long, loud and heady.… continue reading »

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The Palace doesn't feel like home for Azula, it probably never has. But this fact changed as Sokka became a regular guest as ambassador. But as more Azula started to feel home as more she noticed, that their friendship put Sokka's relationship at stake, so she retreated herself again. Now Sokka is gone and the Palace depresses her even more.… continue reading »

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Adult Azula comes back out of hiding and has to win over the Gaang one by one. Language English Words 17,437. Right. Wonderful. And being best friends with the avatar isn't gonna fix all her problems. When Sokka discovers the way Toph has been living ever since Kanto left, he decides to drop everything and help take care of his friend, who.… continue reading »

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Aang himself later appears, along with Roku, Kyoshi and Kuruk, before Korra in a vision and encourages her to learn the origins of Wan the first Avatar and Raava. Aang, or possibly a vision of him, later appears in the Spirit World, encouraging Tenzin to move past the enormous legacy of being Aang's son and find his own path.… continue reading »

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