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13-Dec-2020 20:44

I want one, but I have no idea what that even means.’ Ben, an AI student from Ireland, thinks RUG students are just being practical when they hold commitment at arm’s length.‘Those glorified patterns of romance and marriage from the past shouldn’t always be held up to younger people as a standard.’ Students these days want commitment and marriage, he says.

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In an anonymous survey, 78 percent of students said they would prefer to be having relationship sex than any other kind.So I assumed their interest in romantic commitment would probably reflect those influences.That is to say, I thought they wouldn’t be interested in commitment at all.Even says if he had met ‘the one’ along the way, he wouldn’t have committed.

Which is pretty typical, says Valeska, a German master student.When I decided to investigate love, sex, and dating at the RUG, I thought I knew what I would find.The Netherlands is famous for frank sex education and legalised prostitution, and RUG students are coming of age in an era of meaningless, tech-mediated hookups.He just got out of his first serious relationship, which he says required more maturity than he was capable of.

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