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30-Mar-2020 01:20

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The measures you take to hide your identity from, say, a significant other or general member of the community may not be sufficient to hide from government oversight.

Of course the latter will usually also protect you from the former, but it also often comes with an additional burden to implement.

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Alternatively, go out and buy a cheap SIM that's enough to receive an SMS on.

Some countries require you to verify your identity in order to do this, but if you're simply protecting your identity from the broader community then that's not a problem, it's not a number that will be publicly linked to you.

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I'd also like to encourage those who do give online anonymity a lot of thought to leave their suggestions in the comments section, keeping in mind the target audience being your normal, everyday people.put them in a text file on your desktop called "my secret online identity", put them in an encrypted keychain such as 1Password's. Then go generate yourself a fake identity: Be conscious also that sometimes the phone number is required for verification purposes, for example you may need to demonstrate that you can receive and SMS to the number.There are services available that allow you to receive an SMS to a number other than your own so that can help protect your actual number.Ashley Madison is a perfect example of that and many people were shocked at just how many identities were contained in the data, identities that then caused a great deal of grief for their owners.

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