Looking for sex partners

06-Jan-2021 14:45

Both can choose short-term or long-term sex strategies.

Paradoxically, both men and women are also programmed to mate for life.

But there's nothing wrong with knowing what you want and going for it, says George Williams, Ph D, an Atlanta-based marital and sex therapist.

"I help people become conscious of their own desires," Williams tells Web MD.

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The most dangerous are secret, longstanding affairs that go on for years with fantasies and hopes and dreams of building a relationship. Williams thinks his answer will surprise most men -- and few women.

The title sums it up: "Universal Sex Differences in the Desire for Sexual Variety: Tests From 52 Nations, 6 Continents, and 13 Islands." "Both men and women show signs of being programmed to be monogamous in a certain way and promiscuous in a certain way," Schmitt tells Web MD.

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