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14-Jan-2021 21:39

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The most common way to do it is to find a dressing room in a not-busy store, lock the door, and have fun.

And, if you are doing it in the bathroom, you might want to make sure not to make *too* much noise.

Be forewarned—this is a pretty easy way to be busted and if you're caught, people will judge the fuck out of you.

This was a favorite of mine back in my teenage years, and it's great for people who want high risk fun and are capable of keeping it discreet. People are going to ask questions if they see you sit on his lap during the movie.

To do this properly, make sure that you choose a building that doesn't get regularly patrolled by cops—and ideally, also isn't at risk of having squatters.

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You don't want to walk in on people who hang out in abandoned buildings, as you never know why they're there.

If you find a good venue, it can be a spooky but sexy place to get it on.

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