Dating after sex

25-Mar-2020 08:17

Hormones such as prolactin and oxytocin get the blame, along with the bold claim men's brains actually reboot during orgasm, but the trouble is, no matter how hardwired into your biology falling asleep after sex is, you should try to stay awake.If you fall asleep before your partner, you look like a selfish lover, so you should wait for them to drop off first.Word of advice, though: Before you hop into bed, just be clear on what you’re looking for (a relationship? ) so you can both make informed choices and be honest about your expectations.A few readers speak from personal experience: “Sex on the first date is so over-thought, especially nowadays with apps like Tinder and Bumble making the topic less taboo.I think I’d agree to marry/hand over all my passwords to/rob a bank for anyone who, straight after doing it, turned to me, waggled their mobile phone in my face and said, "Shall I order a pizza?"As euphoric as the post-coital period can be, that miserable buzzkill hormone prolactin is waiting in the wings to bring you down from that high.

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It’s why men today still aren't slut-shamed, while women often are.

Sex on the first date can be liberating and exciting.

“It can help you break down your own personal biases around sexuality, heal shame from the past, and improve your sexual self-esteem,” says Chavez.

Research has shown the first few minutes after sex are a good time for requesting favours.

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Assuming you’ve done a decent job, it’s said partners who are more likely to be willing to do stuff for you – or agree to your ideas – in those cosy few moments.

Don’t bolt out the door straightaway, though: you’ll need to recharge slightly to ensure you can do a full workout. You’re sucking a pen, which belches sickly fragrant steam into the atmosphere, lingering like a bad joke in a best man’s speech. Y'know, eventually, someone you have sex with is going to expect this. Perhaps you are anxious to remain welded to the skin of another, trying to block out your churning gut as the post-coital perspiration between you sours like yoghurt left out in the sun. You’re in the right place, there’s nothing on TV, you’ve already got your kit off and you probably couldn’t smell any worse. What better time to talk than seconds after climaxing?

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