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24-Oct-2020 20:22

The NCI is about 50 or 60 years old, so this is not a new idea.The NCI itself has said that observational data are important—important for research use. The SEER database does not cover the entire US population but a good chunk of it.body .header_title .header_description .header_block .header_block:before .menu_top .wrap_header_strip.sticky .menu_top ul li a .menu_top ul li a::before .menu_top ul li a:hover #contents_in #contents_in a #contents_in a:hover .right_bb .right_bb:before .right_bb:after .left_bb span .last_view .last_view p .last_view span .banner_bottom .banner_bottom:before .banner_bottom_butt .banner_bottom_butt:hover ..campaign-form .form-group:after,.campaign-form:after,.homepage-header .hp-signup-box .gforms_confirmation_message:after,.homepage-header .hp-signup-box form:[email protected] (min-width:768px).section-label-source.section-label-source:focus,.section-label-source:hover,[email protected] (min-width:992px).social-link:focus, .glyphicon#masthead-logo.main-menu #menu-item-4350.main-menu #menu-item-4350 .dropdown-focused,.main-menu #menu-item-4350:focus,.main-menu #menu-item-4350:hover.main-menu #menu-item-4277 .sub-menu li#masthead .parent-link#splash#splash #splash-video,#splash .splash-container,#splash .splash-placeholder#splash #splash-video,#splash .splash-placeholder#splash #splash-video#splash [email protected] (min-width:992px)#splash .splash-container#splash .splash-logo#splash .splash-logo svg#splash #exit-splash#splash #exit-splash svg#homepage-campaign .ncstate-utility-bar#site-title-lockup#site-title-lockup svg#site-title-lockup .site-title.ASCO will begin to make sense of it and to explore it in a reasonable and trusted manner. One is quality improvement; it is the most obvious and one of our strengths at ASCO.

Dr Miller: This is also an area in which ASCO, our professional society, has started some really important initiatives. ASCO feels that there are times when professionals, physicians, and oncologists need to take the lead in the conversation, because it is so important an issue that it should not be entrusted to others.Dr Yu: They're very bad at talking to each other, in part because there isn't a trusted steward that can bring all of these elements together.That is one of the things that is lacking, and one of the things that ASCO is providing is being that trusted steward, trusted by our members, trusted by our doctors to bring the data together.That is a very labor-intensive process, but that might also point out some inaccuracies in the electronic data that we are able to get directly.

Dr Miller: There has been a hope that big data would get around some of the biases that might come into play in our clinical trial results.

Twenty-five percent of the US cancer population is captured in SEER and in a statistically demographic matter to reflect the entire country's population.

We have talked for years about the fact that only a tiny minority of adult cancer patients are treated on clinical trials, and they tend to be different.… continue reading »

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Jun 21, 2015. independently reviewed book through our site, we earn an affiliate commission. “How to Raise an Adult Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare. Meghan Daum reviews “The Prime of Life,” by Steven Mintz.… continue reading »

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