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First, social networks can influence mating markets, so genetic similarity among friends may be one source of genetic similarity among spouses.Second, there may exist social–genetic effects—the effects of alter’s genotype on ego’s phenotype (1, 14, 15)—which would further suggest that social sorting on genotype may have consequences for the distribution of phenotypes in a population beyond its effect on subsequent generations through assortative mating.The degree to which genetics are implicated in the formation and consequences of social relationships is of growing interest to the new field of sociogenomics (1, 2).

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Marriage is not the only social grouping to evidence genetic selection.Adolescence is a critical developmental period in which patterns of health behaviors and overall mental health established during this phase continue through the life course (16) and may affect socioeconomic attainment (17, 18).Moreover, it is also a time of heightened salience for peer networks and influence (19–22).To address potential confounding of analysis by ancestry, we focused on unrelated respondents of European ancestry.

Why is it so much harder to make new friends as an adult. I recently did, and realised I haven't made a solitary new friend for like. years.… continue reading »

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Adult friends are, on average, more genetically similar than random pairs. we repeated our analysis within same-sex social networks; that is.… continue reading »

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Sex remains an important aspect of life for many older adults, even very late in. sexual encounter was with a friend or new acquaintance for women over 50.… continue reading »

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