Adult finder com best dating site for sex

13-Aug-2020 11:32

The main issue with the Adult Finder dating site is that it honestly just doesn’t look like a dating site.

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is adult friend finder

This was just really not good at all, and we were pretty disappointed in those results.With boobs and nothing else plastered on the front page, that’s also just not going to end up making a good impression. We weren’t happy with this, and we can’t imagine anyone that would be.It’s just not a good site, and it’s really just going to be even more empty than it already is as time goes on. Predictably, the ratio on this site is pretty god awful.From those 20 responses, not a single woman actually wanted to end up meeting us.

This was just shockingly bad, and it definitely did turn us off about the whole site.

This is all because there’s no real amount of women that would ever join a site that looks like this one, and we proved it.

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The main issue that we immediately have with is that it jut doesn’t even try to reach out to women. You just have a bunch of scantily clad ladies right off the bat. That’s no good for the girls. If you’re trying to cater to women that want men, then you really need to make a more intimate atmosphere.… continue reading »

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