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17-Mar-2020 15:21

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Give yourselves a personalized gift you'll both treasure for years to come.

She was my third grade best friend, the Cherie to my Punky Brewster, and I was certain nothing could ever tear us apart.

The dots and dashes actually spell out "BFF" — it's an understated yet stylish twist on the classic friendship bracelet.

No one will ever suspect a thing and you'll have yet another best friends-only secret to add to the collection.

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Your best gal doesn't need another scented candle this year.

The secret to modern BFF accessories is ultimately in the coolness factor.

Glittery picture frames with cringe-worthy quotes to boot ("Friendship isn't about whom you've known the longest. ") and lanyard bracelets (done in rainbow colors, of course) may have worked a decade ago, but now it is all about pledging loyalty in style and without the cliche undertones.

Upgrade the woven bracelets you learned to make at camp with a version featuring Swarovski crystals.

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It's a fun throwback to your younger years that you could share with that special friend who's known since you were both in braces.

About a week after determining our BFF status, we decided to cement our life long sisterhood with a trip to Claire’s at the local mall to buy “Best Friends” necklaces. For three whole months, we rocked those necklaces everywhere we went: the lunchroom, the playground and the school bus (we were only 9; our options were limited). Apparently, I was no longer BFF material, so my half of the necklace was permanently relegated to the bottom of my jewelry box.

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