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17-Aug-2020 15:45

It's a 10-minutes walk from the east exit of Ikebukuro Station on the JR Yamanote Line, located directly opposite Teikyo Heisei University.As the name of the cafe suggests, BL, or Boys' Love is the theme on display here.On the day we visited, Halloween was just around the corner, so the shop interior was adorned with creepy decorations, as if this was a school preparing for a spooky festival, and this subtle touch made it even easier for guests to get into the mood!The zaikōsei here come in all sorts of flavors, too.Like Akihabara's twin but for women, Ikebukuro is one of the most popular tourist destinations within Tokyo.

Such subtle details contribute to the setting of the shop and adds to the immersive experience it offers.

As for food, the "Hoshigariya na Kimi no Fuwatoro Omuraisu (900 yen, tax excluded)" is an omelet rice dish that's very popular.

This is a familiar food item also found in maid cafes, except here in this shop, instead of cute girls, male zaikōsei students will be the ones doodling something specially for you on the omelet rice!

This can be anything from your favorite anime character, his favorite illustration, or the date of your visit.

While he's doing all that, you can continue conversing with him, making the experience fun and entertaining for all involved.From the innocent and naive younger brother figure type to the harsh and exacting older brother figure type - there's bound to be a personality that appeals to you!The color of the student's necktie reflects their grade.There are BL genre novels and manga (Japanese comics) available on the shelves in the shop as well, known as "textbooks", and you're free to browse through and read any of them.

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